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Narrative short film 

A girl learns the brutal sacrifice it takes to satisfy her love.

World premiere in competition: Tribeca film festival 2017

international premiere, best director nominee: watersprite film awards 2017

Winner: Best student film at national film festival for talented youth 2017

winner: best student film At FilmQuest 2017

Winner: best film and Best Director At largo Film Awards 2017

Finalist: Best Narrative Short At Middlebury New Filmmakers 2017

Winner: Gold award at Nevada International Film Festival 2017

Official Selection: Best of Tribeca Film Festival - Phi centre Montreal 2017

New Directors / New Films 2017

catalina film festival 2017

skepto film festival 2017

next generation brussels 2017

Sydney indie film festival 2017

Oaxaca filmfest 2017

Sacalacalaca, Interdimensional Film Festival 2017

Zed Film Festival 2017

Morbidofest 2017

GenreBlast Film Festival 2017

Hollyshorts 2017

Dances with Films 2017

The Art of Brooklyn 2017

Indie Memphis International Film Festival 2017

Atlanta Underground 2017

Kiev Short Film Festival 2017

Fastnet Short Film Festival 2017

Original Narrative Student Short 2017

WE Film Festival

wildcat spirit film festival 2017

Drunken Film Festival 2017

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